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The Origins Education Forum and NASA's Education Support Network concluded on September 30, 2009.

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Origins Education Forum

Title: Resources

Here are places to find classroom activities, presentations, and other resources that can be very useful for your education and public outreach efforts.

Space Science Education Resource Directory

The SSERD is a convenient way to find NASA space science products for use in classrooms, science museums, planetariums, and other settings.

PlanetQuest: The Search for Another Earth

The Navigator program is designed to detect and understand planets around other stars. The PlanetQuest website contains relevant links to news, announcements, publications and other resources of interest to scientists and engineers.

Origins NOVA/PBS Series

The series explores the origins of the universe, solar system, Earth, life on Earth, and the search for life in the universe. The Forum is providing resources and expertise to supplement the education and public outreach offerings developed by WGBH-Boston and the Pacific Science Center.

Origins information, online activities, and an educators guide from WGBH-Boston:

Demonstrations, activity carts, and more for museums and educators from the Pacific Science Center: