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The Origins Education Forum and NASA's Education Support Network concluded on September 30, 2009.

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Origins Education Forum

Title: Professional Development

The examples below of professional development opportunities for scientists include workshops, courses, and conferences. In some programs, you will partner with an educator, with whom you can share expertise while pursuing an exciting educational project.

Space Science Institute's Education Workshop for Scientists

In this workshop, participants will learn about science reform, the science education system, and how to improve and align their own education and outreach activities. ResourcesForScientists/Workshops/

Astrobiology Workshops

Links to astrobiology workshops and conferences can be found at:

NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI)

NAI Courses and Conferences from the NASA Astrobiology Institute can be found at:

Special Needs Workshops

To date, the Southeast Regional Clearinghouse (SERCH) has organized four Exceptional Needs Workshops. These workshops are useful because all exceptional students (young and old) are held to the same State and National math and science education standards as their peers. However, current materials are often not designed with the deaf and/or blind user in mind, or the hearing-, visually-, and mobility-impaired student, or those with learning disabilities. SERCH has been working with teachers from these exceptional classroom settings to identify what kinds of materials they need and what mediums will work best for the different student capabilities. Occasionally, workshops are offered on this topic.

Navigator-Sponsored Community College Initiatives

The Navigator program seeks to improve the quality of college astronomy teaching by developing new classroom materials (appropriate to community colleges) and providing training with these materials.