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The Origins Education Forum and NASA's Education Support Network concluded on September 30, 2009.

Please visit NASA at for current information about NASA's science, education, and public outreach activities.

Origins Education Forum

Title: Partnerships

You can form a partnership with an educator to carry out education and public outreach activities. The easiest way to find a scientist is through a NASA broker/facilitator, who you can locate via the Education Support Network. You can also partner with scientists through programs offered by the Origins missions.

Education Support Network

Your primary contacts in the Support Network are (1) the Forum associated with particular scientific research areas, and (2) the Broker/Facilitator associated with the geographical region where you are located. The forums are associations of education and outreach professionals, working to maximize the efforts of NASA science missions to bring that science to the public. The Broker/Facilitators help space science researchers and educators connect with each other and with space science missions and resources.

Night Sky Network (NSN)

Astronomy clubs across the country, representing more than 50,000 astronomy enthusiasts, are engaged in educational outreach. NASA, in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, is helping by providing products, materials, and training to the astronomy clubs. The clubs, in turn, will be presenting the NSN materials to a variety of formal and informal education audiences. To see their materials, you can get in touch with a local NSN astronomy club and participate in their events.