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The Origins Education Forum and NASA's Education Support Network concluded on September 30, 2009.

Please visit NASA at for current information about NASA's science, education, and public outreach activities.

Origins Education Forum

Title: For Scientists

Here you can find resources to boost your ability to share science with the public. Connect and collaborate with other Origins missions and NASA education programs, partner with diverse organizations and communities, and locate funding opportunities.

In this section...

Need a classroom activity or a PowerPoint presentation? Find one here, along with news and other resources.

Getting Started in E/PO
Would you like to get involved in an educational project? Here are some resources to help you get started.

Find an educator or amateur astronomer with whom you can collaborate on an education and public outreach activity or event.

Funding Opportunities
NASA-funded small grant programs pair education professionals with scientists to enhance science education in the classroom and beyond.

Professional Development
Professional development opportunities for scientists include workshops, courses, and conferences.

Forum Initiatives
There are a number of educational projects currently underway involving Origins missions.

Related Programs
Several NASA Web sites provide useful resources for science educators.