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Understanding Origins

* How did galaxies form?
* How do stars form?
* How do planetary systems form?
* Are there life-sustaining planets around other stars?
* How did life begin on Earth?
* Is there other life out there?
* So what?
* Discussion corner
* Origins Science Roadmap
* Frequently asked questions

Educator Resources

* Additional Resources
* Lessons learned
* Curriculum support
* How do I get involved?
* Frequently asked questions
* Where can I see this stuff?

Scientist Resources

* Help with education funding
* Where can I see this stuff?
* Lessons learned


* Experiment Descriptions
* Lessons Learned
* Best Practices


The Origins Education Forum is the central node for the education and outreach activities of the Origins Theme of NASA's Office of Space Science. The Origins Education Forum is managed for NASA by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Last Modified: March 28, 2000