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Origins Education Forum

Articles such as those below describe effective ways to make use of various educational materials.

Article in The Science Teacher: “The Electromagnetic Spectrum”

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster includes several student activities that illustrate the importance of light and color in space exploration. This article discusses these connections and includes one of the activities, in which students identify substances based on the visible spectra they emit, gaining familiarity with spectra and their relationship to chemical elements. (The Science Teacher, V. 70, No. 7, p. 47, October 2003)

Article in Science Scope: “The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Using Light and Color to Search for Astronomical Origins”

The Electromagnetic Spectrum Poster can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. These are described in this article, along with ideas for customizing the activities to support inquiry-based learning.

Available to NSTA members at (Science Scope, V. 26, No. 8, p. 40, May 2003)