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The Origins Education Forum and NASA's Education Support Network concluded on September 30, 2009.

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Origins Education Forum

Title: NASA Education Support Network

NASA's Science Mission Directorate has established an Education and Public Outreach Support Network to make education at all levels and the enhanced public understanding of science integral parts of the science missions and research programs.  The Support Network is a nationwide program served by Broker/Facilitators and Education Forums. The Broker/Facilitators form partnerships between scientists and educators, and develop and disseminate science education materials. Each of the Forums covers a key research area and coordinates the education and public outreach efforts within that area.

Education Forums

The NASA science program includes four Education Forums corresponding to key research areas: The Sun-Earth Connection; Solar System Exploration; Origins; and the Structure and Evolution of the Universe. Hosted by leading space science research institutions across the country, the Education Forums work directly with the scientists in the theme area and assist the science community in bringing the new and exciting results, as well as the fundamental underpinnings of that theme, into the classroom and the living room.

The Sun-Earth Connection

Solar System Exploration

The Astronomical Search for Origins

Structure & Evolution of the Universe


Brokers focus on a specific geographical region to create and nurture partnerships between space scientists and educators to carry out high-leverage E/PO activities and facilitate the development and dissemination of space science E/PO products and materials.

Upper Northeast Region

New England Space Science Initiative in Education (NESSIE)
Point of Contact: Cary Sneider

Lower Northeast Region

Mid-Atlantic Region Space Science Broker (MARSSB)
Point of Contact: Stanley Jones

Southeast Region

SouthEast Regional ClearingHouse (SERCH)
Point of Contact: Cassandra Runyon

Upper Midwest Region

Depaul University (DU)
Point of Contact: Lynn Narasimhan

South and Lower Midwest Region

South Central Organization of Researchers and Educators (SCORE)
Point of Contact: Stephanie Shipp

Upper Northwest Region

Space Science Network Northwest (S2N2)
Point of Contact: Julie Lutz

Upper Midwest and Lower Southwest Region

Space Science Institute (SSI)
Point of Contact: Cheri Morrow