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Educator Resources

Additional resources
What background material exists on ORIGINS and NASA missions? Where can I access these resources within my state. This section contains a myriad of annotated links that will be of interest to the individual educator as well as science museums, planetaria, and libraries.

How do I get involved?
Learn about workshops, features, job postings, and opportunities for participation in a variety of ORIGINS projects.

Lessons learned
Here you'll find: best methods for using materials, results of pilot programs, technology utilization possibilities, and published papers on best practices for using the space science data.

Frequently asked questions
Need to get a quick answer to a question? This section provides a comprehensive listing of the most common inquiries with simple, consise, and informative explanations. Ponder no more!

Curriculum Support
How can ORIGINS information be used in the classroom? Find interdisciplinary and interactive modules for mathematics, science, and technical support curricula here.

Where do I see this stuff?
Show me the Links! Use this bulleted link section as a quick jumpoff point to other relevant support sites inside and outside of NASA and the office of Space Sciences.

The Origins Education Forum is the central node for the education and outreach activities of the Origins Theme of NASA's Office of Space Science. The Origins Education Forum is managed for NASA by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Last Modified: March 28, 2000