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Curriculum Support

Located at the Space Telescope Science Institute this interactive online K-12 Curriculm provides interdisciplinary activities entitled: Star Light, Star Bright, Solar System Trading Cards, Hubble Deep Field Academy, Student Astronaut Challenge, and Galileo to the Hubble Space Telescope.



"Discovery of Infrared: A Classroom Activitiy" was developed by the SIRTF education and public outreach program and presented at the NASA OSS Education Products Workshop at Goddard Space Flight Center on November 15, 2001. Materials available here:

Girl Scouts - "Exploring Our Universe" Join the adventure of the astronomical search for origins. Explore a universe of galaxies, search for planets around other stars, explore habitability, and experience "invisible" forms of light. These activities were presented at the NASA/GSUSA "Exploring Our Universe" workshop held at the Macy Center on November 14-18, 2003. Materials available here:

The Origins Education Forum is the central node for the education and outreach activities of the Origins Theme of NASA's Office of Space Science. The Origins Education Forum is managed for NASA by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Last Modified: March 28, 2000