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Below are links to the centers/institutions that have been designated as NASA OSS Broker/Facilitators. The Broker/Facilitators have developed web sites describing their activities and the services to be provided to the space science and formal/informal education communities.


Broker/Facilitator National Coverage

Upper Northeast Region
New England Space Science Initiatve in Education (NESSIE)
Point of Contact: Cary Sneider
Phone Number: (617) 589-0227
Email Address: nessie@mos.org

Lower Northeast Region
Center for Educational Technologies (CET)
Point of Contact: Nitin Naik
Phone Number: (304) 243-2388
Email Address: nitin@cet.edu

Southeast Region
SouthEast Regional ClearingHouse (SERCH)
Point of Contact: Cassandra Runyon
Phone Number: (843) 953-8279
Email Address: cass@cofc.edu

Upper Midwest Region
Depaul University (DU)
Point of Contact: Lynn Narasimhan
Phone Number: (773) 325-1854
Email Address: cnarasim@condor.depaul.edu

South and Lower Midwest Region
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)
Point of Contact: Kathleen Johnson
Phone Number: (281) 244-2014
Email Address: johnson@lpi.usra.edu

Upper Northwest Region
Space Science Network Northwest (S2N2)
Point of Contact: Julie Lutz
Phone Number: (206) 543-0214
Email Address: nasaerc@u.washington.edu

Upper Midwest and Lower Southwest Region
Space Science Institute (SSI)
Point of Contact: Cheri Morrow
Phone Number: (303) 492-7321
Email Address: camorrow@colorado.edu

The Origins Education Forum is the central node for the education and outreach activities of the Origins Theme of NASA's Office of Space Science. The Origins Education Forum is managed for NASA by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Last Modified: March 28, 2000