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The Origins Education Forum and NASA's Education Support Network concluded on September 30, 2009.

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Origins Education Forum

Title: About Us

The Origins Education Forum is one part of a NASA education team bringing NASA's discoveries to you, from explorations of our home planet Earth to the most distant stars and galaxies.

This Forum is an association of education and outreach professionals working to maximize the Origins missions’ efforts to bring that science to the public. It weaves together the stories provided by the missions, fitting each strand into the overall saga of space science discovery. It brings together scientists, educators, museum specialists and outreach experts to create resources and activities that focus on your needs and the needs of your audience. The Origins Forum is involved in a number of projects, programs, and partnerships that bring the study of origins to students, teachers and the public.

Origins Missions

Learn more about the missions that are searching for galaxies, stars, planets and life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Origins

What questions do we hope to answer as we explore the universe? What have we learned so far? Discover what we're learning about our place in the universe.